Connecting Aspirations

Campaign Video Content Marketing TATA Motors
Eight aspiring individuals set out on a journey of connecting aspirations.

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TATA Motors was a brand that everyone recognized but they were perceived as an old fashioned brand, this resonated especially with the younger audience. We therefore, had to reach out to the audeince on a platform where opinions and perceptions are expressed openly- the internet.


Journey-was both a metaphorical and literal expression of our idea. We turned connecting aspirations into a platform where people could share their aspirations and take the first step towards a positive change.We then connected four sets of strangers who shared a similar aspiration, and helped them bring it to life in different parts of the country. They drove down to their destinations and turned their aspiration into an on ground effort with lasting change. A film crew followed the strangers and documented the 4 journeys, which was then developed as a travelogue series.



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