Connecting Aspirations

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Eight aspiring individuals set out on a journey of connecting aspirations.

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The Taxi Maker, this was the phrase that plagued Tata Motor’s image as a brand for over a decade. While winning high trust with consumers through its great value models like the hatchback Indica and its sedan version, the Indigo, the company hadn’t been able to stoke the imaginations of people sticking to the template that brought it success, offering great value which ultimately resulted in the taxi industry. While no doubt a bold idea, pushing the value even further with the launch of the Nano, its tag of ‘the world’s cheapest car’ did not help the cause of changing the brands reputation. The need to change this perception soon arose and with it brought the challenge of launching the new brand Identity of Tata Motors using the digital medium without any new products to show for it.


Journey- was both a metaphorical and a literal expression of our idea. We turned Connecting Aspirations into a platform – where people could share their aspirations with us towards positive change. We then connected 4 sets of strangers who shared a similar aspiration and helped them bring it to life in a part of the country, which would benefit from it. They would drive down to the place and turn their aspiration into an on-ground effort with a lasting change. A film crew followed the two strangers and documented the 4 journeys, which was developed as an online travelogue series.


A Hymn for the hills

Re-imagining a timeless tale

Wonders of the night sky

Two generations rediscover a lost connection



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